HEALclinics is Going Out of Business

I signed up for HEALcare at https://healclinics.com/healcare/ and I have followed the prescribed regimen religiously. I now take no pills or injections, not even an aspirin. Three weeks ago, I had my quarterly blood test taken and, for the first time in 11 or 12 years, I am no longer classified as a diabetic.

If you were thinking of duplicating my experience and signing up with HEALclinics, you need to be aware of this email message I received a few minutes ago from the HEALcare employee that has been my primary contact at the company. It states:

“I was shocked and upset to find out yesterday afternoon that, as of May 31, HEAL Clinics will close. I have been given very limited information. All I know is that our CEO resigned a couple of weeks ago and the new board of directors made the decision to close the program.”

I still am very pleased with the results of my experience with HEALclinics and am saddened to see the clinic close. I don’t know the reasons for the closure but when any company goes out of business, the obvious first guess is that it was not a financially viable business. Just a guess on my part.

I still am very happy with the results of my extremely low-carb diet and I plan to remain with an extremely low-carb diet for a long, long time. The results so far have been far better than giving myself injections, swallowing lots and lots of pills, and dealing with all the side effects of the medicines.

I have already achieved my primary goal: driving my diabetes into remission. I may not need any more assistance from a nutrition clinic. However, if I later decide that I do need assistance, I will find another clinic or an individual doctor who is experienced with low-carb diet solutions for diabetics.

If you are looking for a clinic or an individual doctor who is experienced with low-carb diet solutions for diabetics, I can only repeat what I wrote two weeks ago in an article I titled Other Keto Clinics.

You can find that article at: https://diabetessolution.blog/2019/05/16/other-keto-clinics/.

Also, I see one link that looks promising although I haven’t yet used it myself: Where Can I Find a Ketogenic Diet Center? at: https://myketocal.com/kdcenters.aspx.


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